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The CSR Conundrum of Sustainability

As pointed out by a recent article in GreenBiz, a new report by the Centre for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE) sheds light on a big issue at play in Silicon Valley: most large companies are compliant, but aren’t driving a thorough, transparent … Continue reading

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“Keep It In the Family.”

I’m saying that in my best Godfather voice…which, truth be told, isn’t that good. But that’s what I wanted to say to a colleague last week when he shared that he was struggling to figure out how his company should … Continue reading

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How Do You Measure Your Company’s ROI in the Community?

Businesses are always asked to report on their Return on Investment. Whether a company is rolling out a new product, hiring additional team members, or restructuring a department, it needs to present the ROI to prove that it’s worth the … Continue reading

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