Firm Values

The core values of SHG Advisors are the underlying competencies that make our firm run smoothly. Our values guide our decision-making process and educate the larger community about what we believe in, and what we support. We only work with stakeholders who are laser-focused on making our community a better place for everyone. As such, our core values include:

  • Open the circle.” Our approach is inclusive, and we create an open frame for dialogue by building trust among the different partners. We welcome and actively engage all voices in the conversation. We acknowledge the power of diverse points of view.
  • Embrace charitable assumptions. We respect others and each other, assume competence and good intentions, and listen to understand the various points of view.
  • Do what’s right. We hold ourselves and each other to the highest standards of conduct, acting with fairness and truthfulness in all interactions. In other words, we are a firm of integrity.
  • Deliver value. We consistently exceed expectations and produce high quality results for every project.
  • Celebrate. Solving social issues is hard. We have fun and celebrate each milestone towards resolving those issues!