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What if Foundations Didn’t Measure their Own Impact?

I recently met with the VP of a large foundation, who shared that they were struggling to define their “impact.” I applaud them for having the conversation, which can be a challenging one. Nowadays, everyone wants to talk about outcomes … Continue reading

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Only Funders Can Change Their Own Behavior

When airlines first started introducing Wi-Fi on planes many years ago, I loathed the idea. I appreciated the quiet, uninterrupted time to read, respond to emails that wouldn’t be sent until we landed, and update my “to do” list. Now … Continue reading

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Nonprofits Need to Make Smarter Decisions

I’ve had several strong reactions lately to all sorts of news. The #metoo campaign and seemingly never-ending apologies coming from men makes me sad. The dwindling relationship with North Korea has me scared and starting to stock up on water. … Continue reading

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Dear Co-Impact: Please Work!

In recent conversations, I have not been shy about my opinion that funders need to collaborate more. That is exactly why I am so excited to hear about Co-Impact, a new effort in collaborative philanthropy that brings together donors from … Continue reading

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A Clearinghouse for Grantmaking

Imagine if nonprofit organizations could submit one proposal and one budget each year that was submitted to a Clearinghouse. They could tell their story, share the impact of their programs, and reveal their goals that they hope to achieve for … Continue reading

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If You Are a Grantmaker, Read This

Last week, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (GEO) released a letter to philanthropy. We Are In This Together: A Letter to Philanthropy highlights the grantmaking practices that are core and essential to grantees’ work and offers clear steps for grantmakers to … Continue reading

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Funding the Full Cost Can Enhance Social Good

I was intrigued by the recent article, “The Full Cost Project: Funding for Impact.” It made me start to wonder if and how foundations could fully support projects of organizations, rather than ask them to diversify their resources. As a … Continue reading

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Term Limits for Program Officers Could Be Beneficial

I had never heard of a foundation imposing “term limits” for their program officers, but I love the idea of it! And I’m impressed that the Hewlett Foundation has taken that step. It’s an important one. Before I even read … Continue reading

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What, Exactly, Do You Do?

A few weeks ago, I was talking with a new acquaintance who asked me about my consulting work. First, let me share that when someone asks what I do for a living, I often shyly admit that I am a … Continue reading

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Where is the “Birth Control” for Nonprofits?

I recently saw this headline in the Nonprofit Quarterly: “The Nascent Nonprofit Organization – What Happens Before a Nonprofit is Born?” I went running from the computer, screaming, “Please! No more nonprofits!!” We have 1.5M nonprofits in the U.S. There … Continue reading

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