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Nonprofits: Now is the Time to Build Strong Relationships

The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship recently provided leadership perspectives on corporate citizenship, citing that business leaders are planning to increase corporate citizenship efforts over the next three years. If you read some of the vignettes, you’ll see that … Continue reading

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What Awards Really Matter?

There is actually an award for the stinkiest shoe. The Stella Award recognizes the dumbest lawsuits. There are the elite Oscars and Emmy’s awards. There are the “local” awards: 40 Under 40, Legacy Awards, Best Places to Work, etc. Which … Continue reading

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Why Group Therapy for CSR Professionals is a Good Idea

Misery. This is what three Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) officers recently exuded in three different conversations. Each worked in a different industry. Each worked in a different part of the U.S. One had been in the field for 20+ years, … Continue reading

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Does Your Company Have a “Social License” to Operate?

The majority of us will drive a car at one point or another in our lifetime. This requires us to apply for and obtain a driver’s license. Similarly, at some point during their existence, companies often decide to support the … Continue reading

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Does Your Company have the Four Elements for a Successful CSR Program?

In speaking with a number of Corporate Social Responsibility Directors over the past few weeks, a few of them have made comments about the lack of buy-in from the leadership of their company. This prompted me to ask a lot … Continue reading

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