What Awards Really Matter?

There is actually an award for the stinkiest shoe. The Stella Award recognizes the dumbest lawsuits. There are the elite Oscars and Emmy’s awards. There are the “local” awards: 40 Under 40, Legacy Awards, Best Places to Work, etc. Which awards matter?

The U.S. Chamber Foundation just announced that it is accepting nominations for its Corporate Citizenship Awards. There are a number of different types of CSR awards out there, and I can’t help but wonder: which ones really matter? Any time a company gets an award, its Marketing & Communications team will undoubtedly put out a press release in hopes of getting some media hits. And they will tout it on their website and other marketing materials – as they should. But who pays attention, and does it influence its customers?

Also, let’s be honest: more often than not, and in most industries, awards result from companies that nominate themselves. [In full disclosure, I will admit that I have nominated myself and/or the entity I represented for an award.] It offers an opportunity for reflection on what you’ve done well and what you learned over the past year. It gives validation to the fact that you’re doing good work. It’s a tool that you can use to promote yourself to your clients. And once in awhile – as I recently found out – potential clients will really dig into your background before they decide to hire you.

All that to say: awards can be a helpful, too. But I am curious: which awards really matter to you in the work that you do?

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