SG talking about CSRThe ultimate responsibility of your company is to stay in business. Keep people employed. Continue to produce profits. Secondarily, your company can leverage the talent of your employees to make our community a better place. “Doing good” via a corporate citizenship program will lead to higher employee job satisfaction – and it should actually improve your bottom line. Launching such a program will lead to a healthier workforce, happier customers, and clients who are better served.

If you are looking to differentiate yourself from other corporations immersed in giving back to the community, you need to understand the norms in the field, as well as the competition. The “best practice” might not always be what makes sense for your company. You might want to launch your own corporate giving program to raise money for a specific cause, or you might want to offer your employees the opportunity to work with pro bono clients or set aside time during the business day to volunteer in the community. Most importantly, you need to understand the motivation behind your employees’ “do good” attitudes and what will get them excited about engaging in corporate citizenship.

SHG Advisors has years of experience in employee engagement via internal change management. Let us help you make your company a stellar corporate citizen that stands out from the crowd.

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