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Sometimes, It’s Best to Walk Away

Because I have a number of clients in the nonprofit sector, I was excited to read Liane Davey’s article, “Managing a Team That’s Been Asked to Do Too Much.” I was hoping that Davey had a “magic silver bullet” that … Continue reading

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Most Funders Can’t Wave a Magic Wand

Funders face enormous pressures. Many people expect them to save the world. I know because I’m guilty of setting those goals for them and challenging them to lead the change. Funders have a unique role and, in many cases, can … Continue reading

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Not Taking Risks Could be the Biggest Risk of All!

All of us take risks in our lives – everyday. Some are seemingly small (crossing the street) and some require much more courage (being the lone outspoken voice in a small group of relative strangers). And many of us have … Continue reading

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