CSR in a Trump World

Since the election, I have tried primarily to avoid reading political articles arguing for or against our incoming President-elect and his administration. It just gets me too riled up. And, because I do think that Donald Trump is outside the “norm” of the political environment to which we have become accustomed, I also don’t think it’s worth spending a lot of time thinking about “what ifs,” since none of us can truly predict Donald Trump’s actions or their implications.

I say all that, and yet I was still drawn to read, “What Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Looks Like During a Trump Presidency.” Mostly, I wanted to read it because I am a geek who loves reading about CSR and understanding the key to making it work for every company. While I didn’t find the article to offer any new “earth-shattering” new insights, I do think it serves as a good reminder of the things that corporations can do to “do right” by their customers:

  • Take a Stand. Know what issues your company is willing to fight for, and make sure that they are aligned with your values.
  • Protect, Involve & Engage Your Employees and Stakeholders. A lot of people are feeling uncertain right now, and we’re hearing more and more from people across our country who don’t feel safe. Let your workforce know you have their back.
  • Use Your Channels to Foster Conversation. Providing a safe space to openly talk about issues and – most importantly –
  • Set Policies and Commit to Tangible Goals. Think tangibly about how your company can help protect Americans’ rights and resources—and how you’ll measure success.
  • We’re stronger together. Reach out to like-minded companies to drive progress on the social issues on which your company is focusing. Let your employees, your customers and your partners know what you are doing. Provide them with a call-to-action to support and/or complement your efforts.

Regardless of the election outcome, we should all be doing this anyway. But perhaps now, we’re just a little bit more motivated.

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