Here is an Innovative CSR Initiative

In my search for innovative CSR practices, I came across a 2012 article posted by Brave One that highlighted 5 standout initiatives. Some of them were underwhelming. [Insert yawn.] Others got me thinking!

Domtar is the largest marketer and manufacturer of free sheet paper in North America. They created a tool that customers can use to track the location and mill from which their product came. It can also calculate the environmental effects of each product. It sounds like an incredibly powerful tool to measure “green” initiatives, and it made me think that perhaps there is a way for it to be replicated for nonprofits. I’ve often heard that donors want to know how their monies support an organization. If Domtar can track from where their paper came, can their tool be used to “follow the money” that is given to a nonprofit, so that a donor knows exactly how it is spent — and the impact that it has? Now that would be transparency.

Other companies emphasized by Brave One focused on having individuals sign a pledge to engage others (or themselves) in volunteer activities; soliciting sustainable solutions from customers; and sharing information on the company’s social impact ambitions. While these are all great activities, none of them feel innovative. I believe – I know – that we can do better than that.

So tell us what your company is doing. We’ll highlight it in a future article.

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