Thank You – You Are Amazing!

This week marks the one-year anniversary of launching SHG Advisors. Not only has it been wildly more successful than I dreamed possible, but it has also been a ton of fun! I feel quite lucky to get to work with terrific people who are doing world-changing work. Over the past year, I’ve had opportunities to:

  • Help launch a new statewide fund focused on increasing access to behavioral health care to Coloradans who need it the most;
  • Develop the steps that post-secondary education institutions can take to help everyone achieve the American Dream;
  • Visit rural Colorado communities and explore how we can replicate their successful programs;
  • Align systems that actively engage a multitude of stakeholders to ensure that they are working together (and not against each other); and
  • Think boldly about how to revolutionize giving.

And those are just a few examples! And thus, despite the frustrating and maddening news that we consistently hear from mainstream media, I remain convinced that there is more good in the world than bad. Not only are we striving to create better places for all to live, we are also making tremendous progress. We just need to learn to talk about it more so that we can drown out all the negative news.

All that to say: Tout your successes, your progress, and your milestones with pride and shout ‘em from the mountaintops! And thank you for letting me play a small part in the good work that you all do every day.

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