Executive Coaching

As an Executive Director of a new nonprofit at the age of 26, I knew that I had a lot to learn. I was fortunate to be surrounded by people who were willing to help and serve as my sounding board. Smart people advised me on how to manage a Board of Directors; recruit, onboard, and retain team members; build and maintain relationships with external partners; hold difficult conversations; and be efficient and effective. Even now – almost 20 years later – I still call those same people (and a few others) when I need to talk through a difficult situation.

Everyone needs a sounding board. The skills leaders need to successfully perform in demanding roles require that they sharpen their “soft skills” by increasing their emotional intelligence and self-awareness. Coaching, in particular, is a unique opportunity to meet regularly with someone whose only purpose is to help you be wildly successful. As a coach, I bring you insights, new ideas, recommendations, and stories about other leaders who have traveled the same path. I draw out your best thinking and support your efforts to try new things. What you need to bring to the conversation is your willingness to learn and experiment with new behaviors. You need to share tough issues that cause you to stumble and discuss your strengths that work well. You need to be open to new perspectives and new actions in an effort to best develop yourself and to add value to your organization.

As a coach, I provide a tailored approach. Coaching typically occurs during one-on-one meetings or phone calls between you and myself for about 60 to 90 minutes every two to three weeks. Coaching sessions are confidential, goal oriented, and focused on implementing strategies to achieve those goals. I work closely with you to:

  • Define/clarify your individual goals;
  • Review your ongoing activities to ensure that those actions align with your goals, and determine what you might need to stop doing;
  • Provide guidance and explore the new and different ways in which you can achieve your goals while leveraging your strengths;
  • Identify the challenges in executing your strategies and determine how to overcome them;
  • Have fun while achieving success!

Ultimately, my purpose is to help you be more successful.