More often than not, nonprofits seeking to fulfill their mission to make the world a better place often get stuck in the day-to-day work of responding to client needs, submitting proposals, paying the bills, and managing personnel.  It is challenging – if not impossible – to develop and implement an actionable plan to achieve the social impact you seek.  And you certainly don’t have time to evaluate your processes and procedures, resulting in even more inefficiencies that get in the way of achieving your mission. SHG Advisors can develop your plan, establish measurable outcomes and set milestones so that you can celebrate your success along the way.

And if partners are involved, things get even more crazy!

It was a trend that started a few years ago: Funders are still “strongly suggesting” that nonprofits work in collaborations or partnerships – especially around collective impact. It is challenging, frustrating, and time consuming. However, it can be enormously successful if the up-front work is done well.  This involves the assessment, development (or enhancement) and alignment of key partnerships. It means setting clear expectations and metrics of success, and developing policies and guidelines to oversee execution of the partnership. SHG Advisors has years of experience in forming and retaining successful partnerships. Let’s establish a successful one together!