Serving as a grantmaker in the community is a privilege and yet it comes with a tremendous amount of pressure. Public perception is that foundations have unlimited dollars but, more often than not, there are restrictions due to internal policies, agendas and desired outcomes. In addition, foundations are often inundated with contradictory data and information, thus making it difficult for them to determine how best to tackle a social issue (or issues).  SHG Advisors can analyze the social and community issues and design a strategy that fits your long-term goals. The end result is a research-based philanthropic platform and strategic alignment of programs and partners (as applicable) with measurable outcomes.

SHG Advisors has overseen the transition of a government funding process from a fixed-cost system to one that was performance-based in order to more appropriately distribute over $20M to support various community programs. We also had the significant responsibility of sub-granting monies from the September 11th Fund, which you can read more about here.

Your foundation can make the impact in the community that it is seeking. We can help.