Systems Change

“Systems change” is a shift in the community. It leads to a different and better way of delivering services to those who need it most.  Oftentimes, systems change can take years, and it includes representatives from all sectors, community members, and other key stakeholders.

An example of our experience:


  • Stakeholders in the workforce field (over 700+) were fragmented and not working together to assist those who needed it most


  • Over a period of years, we convened the myriad of nonprofits and government entities  supporting workforce development services and facilitated introductions, made connections and explored ways in which they could support each other’s efforts
  • Simultaneously, we assembled members of private sector companies to garner a better understanding of their needs
  • Eventually, we facilitated the meeting of the three sectors together on a more regular basis


  • Companies formed industry focus groups as a mechanism to meet with nonprofits to provide feedback on training curricula, review resumes and discuss candidates
  • Companies also provided feedback on training curricula as well as reviewed resumes and discussed candidates
  • Companies led the development of an on-line system on which they could post their vacant positions
  • Hundreds of individuals were hired