Stakeholder Engagement

Engaging the right stakeholders is critical to guaranteeing that your project is successful. It also ensures that everyone is “on the same page” and working toward the same goal, as this example indicates:


  • Client requested a marketing plan to assist with fundraising
  • Upon speaking with the client’s funder (financial supporter of the engagement), the board and various team members, it was clear that everyone wanted a different deliverable
  • None of the key stakeholders had the same definition for the organization’s mission, or how they were going to get there


  • Conducted interviews with all stakeholders and facilitated meeting to develop the organization’s Theory of Change
  • Researched competitors and tested positioning and messaging statements that would differentiate them from comparable organizations
  • Identified other potential funders for the organization


  • Board and staff were in agreement on the organization’s end social impact and associated steps to achieve their bold goal, as well as measurable outcomes
  • Organization had compelling prospectus and message to share with their list of new potential funders