Public Policy

If your organization’s bold goal includes making the world a better place, you will likely have to get involved with public policy, whether it be through education, advocacy, or mobilization of interest groups. Because of SHG Advisors’ experience in working with government – at a local and federal level – we can work with you to help influence policy.

An example of our past work:


  • Government agency was charged with upholding legislation that required businesses to give hiring priority to city citizens over other qualified workers
  • Amendments to legislation over a 20 year period had made it ineffective
  • Companies routinely sought loopholes to avoid complying with legislation


  • Benchmarking analysis was conducted to understand effectiveness of legislation in other cities
  • Focus group of private sector representatives was held to seek input on changes to legislation that would encourage companies to be more compliant (Note: this was the first time that the private sector had ever been asked for input)


  • Private sector felt heard and was thus more willing to work with the agency
  • Legislation was drafted and approved by Deputy Mayor and city council committee (albeit not enacted for Political reasons)