Collaborations, partnerships and collective impact are all still big buzz words in the nonprofit sector. Our philosophy at SHG Advisors: no one can solve the world’s problems alone. Engaging the right stakeholders is also critical to guaranteeing that you achieve your goals. We must work together, and SHG Advisors has years of experience in creating partnerships, as well as finding the common ground that satisfies all parties who are working toward the same goal but have different agendas. 

An example of our past work:


  • Public-Private entity released a Request for Proposals for a program to train local residents in a specific industry
  • No entity existed that could meet all requested services


  • A partnership of 3 nonprofits, 4 private sector companies and one government agency was created to address recruitment, all facets of training (i.e., life skills and trade specific), job placement, evaluation and retention
  • Memorandum of Understandings were developed and regular check-ins were held to ensure that all partners were satisfied with services and their experience thus far


  • Cohesive working relationships established between community-based support services and employment partners
  • Existed for over 5 years and successfully placed hundreds of people in living-wage jobs