Internal Change Management

SHG Advisors has years of experience in serving as a coach and change agent to team members of all levels of an organization — from C-level to entry level. We will resolve your issues and implement solutions in areas that include organizational effectiveness/development, strategic planning, or process improvement. Together, let’s make the changes that will create a healthy and fun environment for you and your team.

An example of our past work:


  • New Director of local government agency with dismal reputation recognized that majority of 500 employees were not engaged and/or satisfied with their work


  • Director met with all employees in small groups of 20-30 at a time, requesting to hear the positive, negative and constructive suggestions for change
  • Feedback from all meetings was summarized and shared across the agency
  • Additional feedback was solicited via interviews and surveys from external key stakeholders
  • New procedures were implemented to increase efficiencies
  • Team members were transitioned to different positions that better met their strengths and expertise


  • Team became more engaged and indicated more pride in their work, as evidenced by an employee engagement survey
  • Overall reputation of the agency improved