Growth Assessment & Planning

SHG Advisors leverages opportunities to streamline operations and create efficiencies that can allow for real growth.  In addition, we believe in actively engaging our clients (while still respecting your time) to maximize value through internal and external relationships.

An example of our past work:


  • Organization experiencing extremely rapid growth did not have a clearly-defined plan to continue expansion
  • Organization needed better clarity on the internal resources necessary for growth and how to best focus those resources
  • Leadership of the organization could not agree on definition of success and how success would be defined and measured


  • We facilitated a series of internal meetings to capture the key insights about the client’s environment, strategic priorities, and aligned the organization on a set of strategic initiatives
  • We completed an assessment identifying areas of strength and opportunities to determine the best model for future growth
  • We implemented a process to develop and communicate the strategy throughout the organization
  • Provided comprehensive measurable outcomes to capture near- and long-term strategic planning activities and key milestones
  • Developed templates and tools such as roles/responsibilities matrices (RACI – Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) to enable optimization efforts and reduce duplication


  • Produced a Theory of Change
  • Enabled a unified sense of strategic direction and growth, an increased understanding of the strategy, and a common definition of success (with associated outcomes measurement) across the organization, thereby increasing employee engagement