Financial Analysis & Budgeting

“Knowledge is power,” and SHG Advisors believe that supplying the right knowledge is critical for our clients to make strategic decisions – especially when it comes to accurate financial data. By leveraging our capabilities, you can harness the true value of your financial data.

An example of our past work:


  • CFO of entity had left unexpectedly, resulting in questions on existing systems and the entity’s financial standing
  • Other team members had never been part of the budget planning, resulting in confusion around what was included in General Ledger (G/L) line items, as well as a lack of ownership


  • A thorough G/L analysis was completed to gain an understanding of the entity’s financial standing
  • New procedures and controls were developed
  • We worked with the team to develop an annual budget with their input and guidance


  • President and Board Finance Committee gained full understanding of the entity’s financial standing
  • Team members felt accountable to owning “their” piece of the budget