Employee Engagement

SG talking about CSRThe ultimate responsibility of your company is to stay in business. Keep people employed. Continue to produce profits. Secondarily, your company can leverage the talent of your employees to make our community a better place. “Doing good” via a corporate citizenship program will lead to higher employee job satisfaction – and it should actually improve your bottom line. Launching such a program will lead to a healthier workforce, happier customers, and clients who are better served. Understanding the motivation behind your employees’ “do good” attitudes and what will get them excited about engaging in corporate citizenship.

An example of our past work:


  • Seven year-old accounting firm with a $4.75M budget wanted to “give back” to the community
  • Company initiated a quarterly “volunteer day” and gave employees the option to take the day off to volunteer at their favorite nonprofit organization
  • After two attempts, the company found that only 3 of its 24 employees were participating in the quarterly volunteer day


  • A survey revealed that team members were reluctant to participate since they didn’t see the three leaders of the firm volunteering on those specified days
  • Other survey results indicated that most team members wanted to participate in an activity as a group, not individually, and that they wanted to be able to provide feedback on the events/galas that the company agreed to sponsor
  • SHG Advisors provided recommendations on the type of activities in which the team was interested in volunteering 


  • The company executed a new “volunteer day” initiative at one location, and the leadership also participated. On the first attempt, there was 88% participation. On the second attempt, there was 100% team participation.
  • Team members offered thoughts on the volunteer activities as well as events that the company sponsored and actually became more interested and engaged in attending those activities
  • Results from the company’s annual employee engagement survey revealed that, overall, team members felt that someone at the company personally cared about them, was interested in their opinion and committed to providing opportunities for growth