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Sustainability: The Nonprofit Joke

I recently had lunch with a nonprofit Executive Director (ED) who was lamenting about “sustainability” in the nonprofit sector. I empathized with her. It is always a question that funders ask, and yet there are few good answers. I remember … Continue reading

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What if Foundations Didn’t Measure their Own Impact?

I recently met with the VP of a large foundation, who shared that they were struggling to define their “impact.” I applaud them for having the conversation, which can be a challenging one. Nowadays, everyone wants to talk about outcomes … Continue reading

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Only Funders Can Change Their Own Behavior

When airlines first started introducing Wi-Fi on planes many years ago, I loathed the idea. I appreciated the quiet, uninterrupted time to read, respond to emails that wouldn’t be sent until we landed, and update my “to do” list. Now … Continue reading

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Nonprofits Need to Make Smarter Decisions

I’ve had several strong reactions lately to all sorts of news. The #metoo campaign and seemingly never-ending apologies coming from men makes me sad. The dwindling relationship with North Korea has me scared and starting to stock up on water. … Continue reading

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