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Nonprofit-Corporate Partnerships: Just Use Common Sense!

Upon reading one of the latest articles released by the Stanford Social Innovation Review, Nonprofit-Corporate Partnerships: A New Framework, I wasn’t quite sure that it’s all that new. To me, it’s really just about common sense. Tynesia Boyea-Robinson states that … Continue reading

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“Keep It In the Family.”

I’m saying that in my best Godfather voice…which, truth be told, isn’t that good. But that’s what I wanted to say to a colleague last week when he shared that he was struggling to figure out how his company should … Continue reading

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Why Didn’t You Call Me?

No, that is not a question I asked after a recent bad date. That was the question posed to me after a former colleague introduced me to Rob, who had just moved to Denver and was looking to make connections. … Continue reading

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